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Wall Paint Colors for a Small Home, Bungalow, Casita

Benjamin Moore color grouping. I put together this color palette of paint colors for a client looking for strong colors that would work in her small casita Spanish style home. Trims throughout the home stayed a natural wood finish.


Wall Colorpaint color ideas to help you create a sense of spacious flow in a small home or room.

Paint colors for a small house, bungalow  or apartment, (“casita” means “little house” in Spanish) can range from light colors to dark. Despite any color or design rules you may have heard, light colors like white, don’t always “open” up a room.

How the wall and ceiling paint colors you choose interact with the architecture is what gives you the feeling of flow that makes even a small home seem spacious. Here are some color ideas for small rooms and houses that will help you create a sense of spacious flow:

  • Choose colors that look great together. When a home is very small, the color choices for each area must work together as one pleasant grouping of color. (Pleasant to you).
  • Consider painting the walls and ceiling the same color. Ceiling colors that contrast with wall colors can create strong focal points that “break” the space of the room. The result is that you notice the line of contrast between the ceiling and walls before you notice other nice things about the room.
  • Select glossier paint finishes for darker colors: Glossy colors reflect light better than matte or eggshell sheen colors. When using dark colors in a small room a semi-gloss or high-gloss sheen will increase the feeling of light in the room.