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Nespresso boxes pair color with flavor

Inspired Sensational Color Can Be Yours!

Nespresso boxes pair color with flavor
Discovering and exploring inspiring color choices can entice us to try a new flavor. The Nespresso company has made an art form out of color choice as it affects product packaging and display placement. (And I love the coffee!)
photo: ©Cristina Acosta

Pick a color, any color, and you’ll be surprised. Because if you follow your color bliss and choose colors that attract and inspire you, the right color is closer than you think. Start randomly choosing colors that attract you and after you’ve made 50 to 100 selections, there will be a pattern to your color choices. Guaranteed. I see it with every client.

And no matter how forward-thinking or retro-minded we may be, we are still in the present moment. Which is why we need to repaint, remodel, re-brand, etc. Time is marching on and change is inevitable. Colors go in and out of fashion because pushing the changes of fashion is the flow of time and perception.

That said, can a color choice be out of context for a particular project or a particular room? Absolutely, if that project or room already has a defined color scheme. Choosing colors that integrate into an existing color plan has a different set of parameters than creating a completely new color plan.

If you want to know what you really think and feel about color, pay attention to what inspires you and look for patterns as your choices add up. Inspired, sensational color can be yours!