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Designing in Pairs – Are You Fighting Over Paint Colors?

Don’t fall into the trap of first choosing paint and decor colors for both of you and then bring the paint color choices to him for his approval – you’ll only end up in a power struggle. Giving the partner who doesn’t do any of the work veto power over the other’s color choices is a sure-fire way to get into another fight or end in a frustrating standstill.

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Painting a Brown Accent Wall

Painting one wall a strongly different color than the others creates an accent wall. Only paint a accent wall if there is something on that wall or the architecture in that part of the room that you wish to emphasize. Click here to read more about accent walls.
How much brown is too much? When you have a lot of brown wood and still want more brown, I suggest that you choose an accent color that has brown (or a warm base color) in it, but is different from the wood.

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