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Losing Your Keys? Good Interior Design in the Entryway Can Help

Your entryway interior design could be sabotaging your life. How would you know? Well, do you lose things often at home, such as your keys, glasses or wallet? Do you pile things around, vowing to put them away later when you “have the time”? If this sounds like your experience, you may not be a scatter-brained slob, you may just be the victim of poor interior design.

Whimsical vintage key rack doubles as a hat hook.
Whimsical vintage key rack doubles as a hat hook.

Don’t rely on your willpower to change your losing ways. Instead, create physical systems in your entryway that support your personality and loosing things will occur less often. I’ve been known to put my purse in the refrigerator while hurriedly unloading groceries, so I know what I’m talking about. Implement my tips, then practice the habit of using them – the habit combined with the physical fixes is what will help you stay organized.

Imagine your home as a box of tools. Everything you put in that box must serve you in the best way possible. Unless you have the funds to remodel, the way you move throughout the home will be mostly controlled by the architecture. Despite that, there are still things you can do in your entryway to control chaos and encourage your neat self – no matter how small that self may be. Here are a few tips.

  • Install one or more key racks with hooks near EACH outside Entryway door: Use these racks for hanging keys and sunglasses safely and quickly as you enter or leave your home. If you wear hats, be sure to add a hat hook or peg.
  • Add organizers to your entryway: (If you mostly enter the house through the garage, install an organizer there). Place a bookshelf, vintage storage lockers, etc., or build cubbies with a basket, shelf or space for EACH person in the home. Make this area is large enough to hang purses, hats, jackets, shoes, umbrellas and other regularly used items.
  • Rest and regroup: Put a bench and/or table near the front door (outside as well if your situation allows): use this surface to rest groceries, etc., as you look for a key, stage items to leave with you, change shoes and more.

    An entryway mirror can brighten the space as well as give you a last minute visual check.
    An entryway mirror can brighten the space as well as give you a last minute visual check.
  • Hang an entryway mirror: Include a hook nearby for a lint roller for a quick clothing touch-up.
  • Control the entryway crud: Use both an inside and outside floor mat. Choose an exterior mat that catches the most dirt, water and sand depending upon your location, such as: cast iron or rubber lattice doormat, recessed grille mats, water-hog polypropylene mats with water dam boarder, or carpet and sisal mats if the transition area is relatively clean.
  • Remember to Charge: Add a power docking station to power bike lights and phones in the entryway so that you will remember to pick them up as you pass by.

Implement the entryway ideas that you think will work in your entry with the goal that each change will work with you and your family member’s thinking style and provide easy to use solutions that decrease drama and loss. These entryway ideas have worked well for me, and though I’m certainly not perfectly organized, I spend a lot less time looking for keys, purses, phones, etc., than I used to.