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Loft home colors red green gold © Cristina Acosta

Rich Wall Colors for a Great Room Loft

Three deep, saturated colors combine in one two-story open loft space. The architecture is inspired by a mid-century modern aesthetic with a Pacific Northwest inspired color palette. The client wanted a color plan that brightened the gray winter days giving their vacation condo a ski lodge feeling.

The two story loft area consisted of the dining area downstairs and an office upstairs. The entire loft area is open to the living room and kitchen and is part of a great-room. The architectural space was complex and mulit-use, which made it a fascinating project. I love architectural projects that are complex juxtapositions of space and structure. Designing a interior color plan is like creating a lovely rubix cube of color you can walk through.

Benjamin Moore Master Color Palette:

  • “Green” Dry Sage 2142-40 (eggshell)
  • “Gold” Roasted Sesame Seed 2060-40 (eggshell)
  • “Red” Rhubarb 2007-30 (eggshell)

Kitchen – Walls and ceiling including outside wrap and structure on dining side – Roasted Sesame Seed 2060-40

Dining – Walls all the way up stairway wall and North wall to the top  of second story loft– Rhubarb 2007-30. Ceiling in lower dining area — Roasted Sesame Seed 2060-40

Ceiling of Great Room (living, dining, entry) All Dry Sage 2142-40

*note: these particular colors are effective in this particular architectural environment. Test them before using them in your home.


Hire Cristina as your color expert for: Residential, commercial and institutional architectural projects. On site and remote projects welcome. Traveling is an additional option.

Cristina Acosta Signature Ceramic Tile install

Cristina Acosta Artist’s Ceramic Tile and Pottery Tableware

“Joyful spirit and Colorful composition.”

                            Better Homes & Gardens, Home Products Guide, Fall/Winter 1994

The year 1994 was the year that I saw my first work of art (my hand painted ceramic tile mural) on a magazine cover . Albeit, it was only about two or three

Cristina Acosta tableware series
Cristina Acosta tableware series c tableware grouping.

square inches, nonetheless, it was enough to send me all over town buying every copy of the magazine I could find, sending them to my friends & relatives. I was sure I was going to be famous (and rich)!
Though I have yet to walk down any red carpet, I was to learn that though I was on the road to success, for me the road is more often a maze than a straight shot to the Emerald City. And, I was surprised to find that (as I matured) my inner picture and description of “success” kept changing too.

All these years later, I’ve discovered that my calling to be an artist is a rich and complex gift.
I began creating ceramic tiles in 1991. I had just finished a two-year stint as a lettering and mural artist for an outdoor advertising (billboard) company, and was teaching college art classes in the evenings. I was so sickened by the substances I used in

Cristina Acosta Signature Ceramic Tile
Cristina Acosta
Signature Ceramic Tile
©Cristina Acosta

the billboard work, that I couldn’t comfortably oil paint. Implementing a  friend’s suggestion, I switched to painting on ceramics. Completing a series of images, I sent them to the Ann Sacks Tile & Stone store in Portland, Oregon.  Kohler  Plumbing Industries had just purchased the store as the flagship for a national chain and I found myself serendipitously in the tile business!
I quickly joined a business class, bought a kiln and learned about the ceramics business. After selling art tile with AST&S  for several years, I branched into other retail venues, eventually teaming up with a tile manufacturer and supplying my Cristina Acosta® Signature line of ceramic tile to Home Depot stores, among others.
My career as an artisan tile maker lasted about ten years, including a sideline making tabletop pieces such as pitchers, bowls and platters. Though I no longer do production work, I create some projects for how-to articles in books and magazines and for my home design projects.
I also license images for manufacture.

Hallmark magazine Wicanders ad featuring Cristina Acosta

Wicanders Flooring Features Cristina Acosta (and her floors)

Copy of Press Release from Wickanders Corporation for Cork Oak Flooring


Cristina Acosta, acclaimed artist, author, color consultant, and decor designer has revamped her entire home studio in Wicanders Cork Oak Flooring. Cristina Acosta is a vibrant contemporary artist with a Latin flair. She resides in Bend, Oregon and is well known for her lively artwork and harmonious color combinations. Cristina’s colorful work has been featured in several publications such as Good Housekeeping Magazine, Paint Decor – Better Homes and Gardens and Decorate with Paint.

This luminous artist was drawn to Wicanders WicCork & WicWood Floors because of their environmental sustainability, Cristina confides, “Not only does it feel good to walk on, it feels good to know that purchasing a Wicanders Cork Oak Flooring product promotes sustainable building materials.” A definitive attraction took hold when Cristina discovered the detailed quality of Wicanders Flooring. She affirms that the array of “stunning color, the Thickness of Cork Oak, accurate engineering, and durability of finish,” set Wicanders apart from other flooring products. Cristina was impressed by the long history Wicanders has in the production of Cork Oak products, which made her and her family confident in purchasing new Wear Resistant Technology WRT, a highly durable ceramic -based protective varnish.

Acosta_Case_Study 2.jpgTo Cristina Acosta,the warm look and feel of Wicanders flooring is as important as its sustainability. Wicanders Cork Oak just feels so good to walk on. The mildly cushioned sensation is an experience unlike any other flooring product. Warm and giving, Wicanders floors are as glowing to the touch as they are to the eye. Cristina chose the “Natural” color shade from WicCork’s Original Collection. The varied texture and pattern of her choice, balances the vital energy of her colorful designs with soothing natural tones of Wicanders Cork Oak to create a visual flow throughout the home.

As the spirited author and illustrator of the artist’s guide, “Paint Happy”, Cristina Acosta’s color and design expertise are held in high esteem. As a color consultant, she guides clients in selecting a color palette for their home or business that lets the true nature of each space sing. Cristina’s choice to remodel with Wicanders Cork Oak was made in careful consideration of design, environment, and the health of her family.

Wicanders Cork Oak replaced carpet and an industrial rubber tile floor. Removing the carpet instantly minimized dust-born allergens. Cristina said that soon after installation she and her family realized a significant improvement in the reduction of seasonal allergies, even during the dreaded Juniper pollen season. Wicanders WicCork & WicWood Floors provide a range of health benefits. The cellular Acosta_Case_Study3.jpgstructure of Cork Oak locks air into each chamber, making it anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and impenetrable to moisture, mildew, and even insects.

This unique cellular structure also cushions each step with silence. Cristina herself says she absolutely noticed a difference in sound reduction since installing Wicanders in her home. Wicanders Collection with Noise Reduction Technology NRT are the Perfect acoustic solution for town homes, condominiums, apartment buildings and anywhere that serenity and privacy are valued. WicCork & WicWood with NRT is also useful in diminishing the echo effect in large corridors and hallways, as well as in specialty rooms such as libraries, classrooms and home theaters.

Cristina Acosta is so pleased with the stunning look, feel, and silence of Wicanders Cork Oak Floors in her own home. She welcomes you to learn more, and experience Wicanders Cork Oak for yourself. For more information about Cristina Acosta, her vibrant artwork, designs, color consulting expertise, or the book “Paint Happy”, please visit her website.

Wicanders Cork Oak Floors are a product of Amorim Revestimentos, a company based Portugal. Amorim has bee the environmentally conscious world leader in the Ocrk Oak industry of over 130 years, and is the product manufacturer of WicCork & WicWood Cork Oak Flooring. Amorim’s Norht American Headquarters is located in Hanover, Maryland. For more information about WicCork & WicWood Cork Oak Flooring, please contact Paulo Nogueira, Managing Director of Amorim, NA at 410-553-6062 or visit the Wicanders website atwww.wicanders.com

Wicanders. Born of Nature, Fashioned for Living.

Wicanders  – Hallmark Magazine March/April 2007