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Color Captures Attention. Think Before Painting Garage Door Trim

Put a red tomato on a white sand beach and your eye will instantly focus on the tomato. The color difference (even if you know nothing about tomatoes) will be enough to capture your attention. Not only does this visual attribute help you find a snack or your socks, it's an important concept to keep in mind when you're painting your house.

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Color Meanings, Color Symbolism and Color Psychology

You were covered in color psychology from the day you saw your first pink or blue baby blanket. Scientists, religions, governments, mystics and artists have always assigned meaning to colors over the centuries of human kind and there's no way to get away from those meanings. Regardless of the culture you're from you've been steeped in color symbolism.

How those color meanings translate for you depends upon when and where you were born as well as your gender, socio-economic status, the perception of your race and culture within the larger population, as well as your personal thoughts, beliefs and experiences.

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Exterior House Paint Colors Tips and Ideas

Exterior paint colors can change the way you perceive architecture, and it's the least expensive "remodel" you can do! Artists know that color "moves" visually in space. Colors recede or advance depending upon where they are in relationship to each other and their surroundings. If you are a homeowner choosing exterior paint colors to create color schemes or a color plan for your home, here are a few color tips:

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Designing in Pairs – Are You Fighting Over Paint Colors?

Don’t fall into the trap of first choosing paint and decor colors for both of you and then bring the paint color choices to him for his approval – you’ll only end up in a power struggle. Giving the partner who doesn’t do any of the work veto power over the other’s color choices is a sure-fire way to get into another fight or end in a frustrating standstill.

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Hispanic Heritage Month Sept. 15th thru Oct 15th – The Colors of Culture

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month is an opportunity to celebrate the beauties and gifts the heritage of Hispanic culture as well as to acknowledge the mosaic of cultures that make up all of the U.S. The irony for me being an acculturated Latina born in Los Angeles is that I know that though Anglos from many cultures have representative crafts saturated with color, like Polish paper-cuts or Scandinavian tole painting, American Anglos will often focus on the colorful aspects of Mexican American visual culture while ignoring most of the subtle colors that are part of the same mix. To this day, there are no Latina visual artists licensing their decor lines at the supported level of acceptance any of the above Anglo artists have achieved.

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Changing Two Paint Colors Takes Contemporary Architecture from OK to Gorgeous

Have you ever painted your house and when it was done, wondered why the paint job didn't look as good as you thought it would? Changing paint colors doesn't have to be a complete re-do. With a few strategic changes of color you can get the look and pizzaz you want by changing only the colors or areas that make the most difference, rather than repaint the entire exterior of your home.

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How to Put Together Paint Colors

Have you ever found yourself looking at two or more house paint colors or other home decor colored items and been completely confused as to which paint color is the best choice? Cristina Acosta says that you need to be aware that every color in your home links to another color and is part of an overall melody line of color. Keep that concept in mind when you get stuck between two color choices.

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