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Contemporary Exterior Paint Colors by Cristina Acosta
Exterior architecture bright colors of school by Cristina Acosta
Purple kitchen cork floor © Cristina Acosta
Bright Modern Wall Colors by Cristina Acosta
Stairwell wall colors greens and neutrals ©Cristina Acosta
Living room wall colors piano ©Cristina Acosta
Great_Room_Accent_Wall © Cristina Acosta
Cork Floor Stairwell with contemporary mid-century modern bright wall paint colors © Cristina Acosta
Neutral paint colors © Cristina Acosta
Western wall ranch colors ©Cristina Acosta
Southwestern Ranch Livingroom © Cristina Acosta
Gold Loft, Green living room and red dining area by © Cristina Acosta
Pink modern bathroom © Cristina Acosta
Blue, green and gold Bathroom by © Cristina Acosta
Classic Paint Colors ©Cristina Acosta
Purple and Green bathroom colors © Cristina Acosta

Creating color plans for residential, commercial and institutional buildings is a fascinating way to put color theory into practice. The colors of a building offer us the opportunity to walk among colors as we transition through the architectural spaces.

Cristina says, “Color is a language that exists in the spoken and written word as symbol and metaphor. In reality, color exists as experience. I love the challenge of translating the subconscious and conscious reactions of my clients to color into a color plan that they love, and a plan that works in the real world.”

Cristina Acosta’S Color and Interior Design Ideas REviews & Testimonials

Cascade Middle School was described by a University of Oregon professor in his architectural review of some Bend La Pine School District buildings as “institutional”.  Cristina worked with a team including myself, school administrators, students and parents to create a color scheme that transformed the existing building from mundane to modern.  During that process, I found Cristina to be truly responsive to the client’s needs while not compromising her creative endeavors.

Paul H Eggleston Director of Facilities, Bend LaPine School District


“Cristina is a genius! She’s also part color consultant and part marriage counselor! Without her guidance, my husband and I never would have agreed on colors for our home. She achieved in two hours what my husband and I couldn’t manage to accomplish in two months. Cristina provided just the right amount of guidance, steering us in the right direction while letting us make the color choices ourselves. Thanks to Cristina, our home is warm and inviting and beautiful.”

Suzanne Schlosberg
Author of The Curse of the Singles Table: A True Story of 1001 Nights Without Sex (Warner Books), The Essential Fertility Log (Da Capo) and The Ultimate Workout Log (Houghton Mifflin)


“Cristina has the ability to draw out of a person the colors that are personally comfortable for their lifestyle. I like a lot of colors and got overwhelmed when building my house. Cristina goes beyond the usual decorator. With her artist’s insight she’s aware of how to help me choose colors I personally liked and make the decisions about how to make everything come together. The result is a home I love!”
Mimi Graves,
Former CFO, Robert Muir Graves, Ltd.


“When working to distinguish our sales floor from our competition, we relied on Cristina’s expertise 100%. Not only were the colors choices perfect for setting the feel of our store, but they also have a personal connection for both my wife and me. And, not only did we have a great colors when we opened Pine Mountain Sports, but Cristina even set us up with future colors as well. We would strongly recommend Cristina again, and again!”
Dan and Michelle McGarigle
Pine Mt. Sports, Bend, Oregon


“The color consulting Cristina did for us at Patio World was outstanding.  Our high ceilings in the showroom looked like a mausoleum with a monotonous off-white throughout 6,000 sq. ft. and needed something dramatic.  Cristina’s choices of variations of three primary and two secondary colors brought it into the 21st century. Her very modest fee was a tiny percentage of the total cost of our remodel project, but was the largest contribution to create the ambiance we wished to create. Thanks to Cristina, we created a very comfortable environment that has elicited praise from many customers.”
Scott Holmer
Patio World, Bend, Oregon


“We remodeled the old church on Newport Avenue which currently houses Jinsei Spa and Greenstone Solutions.  When it came time to choose exterior paint colors my anxiety level increased tremendously, since the building has such high visibility.  I called Cristina and she was able to totally remove this anxiety from the decision-making process.  She was easily accessible and fun to work with. Cristina considered a number of factors in helping to choose paint colors, and she presented a range of color solutions, which we then whittled down to our ultimate choices. Overall, Cristina made a process enjoyable that could have been otherwise frustrating and nerve-wracking.  She brought a confidence and experience to the job that was comforting to us, and we immediately felt relieved that we’d make good choices regarding our colors with Cristina.”
John Picarazzi,
Business Owner, Bend, Oregon


“Cristina was so helpful in getting me over a hurdle…I just couldn’t make a decision on an exterior color, but she was able to understand my dilemma immediately. Within a short time of seeing my project, she came up with a number of options and ultimately a great solution.”

G. Randolph Grout, The Grout Company, Portland, Oregon


“I have worked with Cristina Acosta on several projects and it has always been
a pleasure to work with her and watch her work with her clients. She is very creative and is a great problem solver. I highly recommend Cristina for any job. She makes the job much easier for everyone involved.”
Paul Crippa
WoodRiver Construction, LLC, OR


“Cristina gave my husband and me the tools to hone in on which mood we really wanted for our home. Her knowledge of color and how it is affected by light helped us a great deal in a home that has so many different lighting challenges. She helped us chose colors that reflect our personalities and gave our home a continuity that brings us a sense of peace and pride in the finished product. I love having a home that is appreciated for its originality and welcoming colors.”
Katy Yoder
Events Director, Sisters, Oregon Folk Festival

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