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Focus: Living Life through Art

  • Choose Interior and Exterior Paint Colors: for your home, office or business project - Color Consulting. Visit Cristina's blog and read her essays about color choices of all types Color Conversations.

  • Prints and Paintings: featuring Cristina's Paint Happy series (from her book), original oils and hispanic heritage series including contemporary retablos, santos and ex-votos. Collect an original oil painting or buy a print  - See Exhibits 

Life-long artist Cristina Acosta makes art, explores creativity & shares her creative tips with you. She paints original oil or acrylic paintings for exhibit, sales and commissions and licensees latino art. Taking her art off the easel and into life, she is a color consultant, designing interior & exterior color palettes for homes & buildings; illustrates and writes books & articles; loves to cook and create recipes, teaches, makes presentations and more.

If you are in search of art, design and home arts that inspires warmth and connection, you've found  the right place. Cristina shares how to live your life through art.

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All text and images on this website ©Cristina Acosta. Product & home interiors photo credit: Gary Alvis. Portrait photo credit: Kevin Kubota


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